Foil sealing units
for almost all types of microtitreplates, PCR-plates, micro tube rack systems, special plates and BIO-chips.
Foil peeling units
for all types of adhesive foils and heatsealing foils.
Foil piercing units
for contamination-free piecing of foils used on 96 well and 384 well microtitreplates and PCR-plates for adhesive- and heatsealing foils. 



Inert cover foils
for microtitreplates, Deep-Well-Plates, PCR-plates and BIO-chips.
The foils are available as foils on rolls (100m per roll - around 800 plates) and as single sheet foils. 



We manufacture Deep-Well-Plates with with different volumes. For most plates, cap mat seals are available.


96 Tube Micro Tube Rack Systems

We manufacture the classic rack-system with 96 tubes with 1.2ml and 0.65ml volume and an alphanumeric imprint on the bottom of the tube.

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