"hitplate 25"

25.0ml Deep Well Microtitreplate

hitplate 25 0ml 800x600 



Volume: 25.0ml / Well - total volume 600 ml
Material: Polypropylene (autoclavable)
Pyramid shaped base: Pipetting of smallest residues
Cavity shape: Parallel cavities to the ground.
Well formed pyramid shaped bottom
Rugged cavity bars: Secure sealing with foil or 24 well lid (cap mat)
Footprint: SBS-Standard - 24 wells
Option: Barcode labeled



25ml Deep Well Plate


Other volumes:

"riplate 0,3" 0.3ml Microtitreplate
"riplate low profile" 0.6ml Low Profile Deep Well Plate

"riplate low profile" 1.2ml Low Profile Deep Well Plate
"riplate" 1.2ml Deep Well Plate
"riplate RW" 2.0ml Round Well Deep Well Plate
"riplate SW" 2.5ml Deep Well Plate
"riplate LV" 5.0ml Deep Well Plate
"riplate BV" 10.0ml Deep Well Plate
"hitplate 80" 80.0ml Deep Well Plate


Order information:

Part No. Description Packing unit (Qty)
750 250

"hitplate 25"
25.0 ml Deep Well Microtitreplate

25 pcs./pack
850 677

24 well lid (cap mat) for "hitplate 25"
Material: EVA

100 pcs./pack



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