Fully automated Foil Peeling Unit for Microtitreplates


fully automated - fast - small

The "HJ@Peeler" is used where de-sealing of microtitre-, PCR-, as well as special plates shall take place in a fully- as well as in a semi-automated process.


Small footprint: The "HJ@Peeler" requires a footprint of 274mm by 314mm adjacent the pipetting- or robotic system. The floor space required on the worktable of the robotic system is only slightly larger than the dimensions of the plate itself.  
Automatic plate recognition: The "HJ@Peeler" automatically recognizes the plate placed on it and peels it.
Automated, in this context, does not bring any limitation: It is however possible to adjust peeling parameters like the plate facet size of the plate and the movement profile used when peeling. 
Integration without problems: The "HJ@Peeler" can be easily integrated into new and existing pipetting machines and robotic systems. The integration interface is compatible to our successful RoboSeal and RoboPeel. 
Software: The "HJ@Peeler" software is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP up to Windows 10. The software has a user friendly interface. Dianostic functions like a foil detector while peeling allow a high level of operating reliability. 
Interface: The "HJ@Peeler" is fitted with an USB- as well as an RS232 interface. Controlling the device using TTL signals is also possible. 
Easy operation: The plates are recognized automatically. Whether it is about shallow well-, deep well, PCB- or other plates, additional adapters are not necessary. 
Secure peeling: The "HJ@Peeler" peels the foil from the plate mechanically. Foreign agents like compressed air or vacuum are not required. The patented "de-sealing finger" works reproducible and is insusceptible to interferences. An integrated foil sensor detects the peeled foil.  
Fast: The peeling-cycle is finished after approximately 20 seconds.
Cost effective: Convenient initial cost and low integration expenditure. 



Device details:

Dimensioned 3D drawing and device footprint (PDF file)

Order information:

Part Nbr. Description Packing unit (Qty)
200 930

"HJ@Peeler robotic"
Robotic De-Sealer for Microtitreplates



Bio-inert sealing foils for all microtitreplates, deep well plates, Bio-Chips etc.:

Part Nbr. Description Application Packing unit (Qty)
900 250

Aluminium sealing foil (gold)
- Peeling foil -
Glue with medium solvent resistance 
(e.g. DMSO-resistant)
Temperature Range: -80°C to +120°C

A PE-plastic is laminated on the Aluminium. Consequently there is no tearing of the foil during residuelessly pull-off. Suitable as peeling-foil for storage of microtitreplates at lowest temperatures, as peeling-foil for PCR-plates.

100 m/Roll
900 360

Polyolefin foil
- Peeling foil -
Glue is high solvent resistance
(e.g. DMSO-resistant)
Temperature Range: -25°C to +120°C

Glue inside of microcaps, to be opened by pressure. Glue only affects the plastics of the microtireplate. There is no glue inside of the wells. Polyolefin foil is used if the specimen may not encounter the glue.
Particularly suitable for protein crystallization.

100 m/Roll 
900 390

Nonwoven foil
permeable, liquid-tight foil, with evidently good gas exchange.
Glue is high biological solvent resistant
Temperature Range: -5°C to +60°C

Specimen with requested good growth (cells, bacteria, etc.).
Nonwoven foil is suitable for usage in autoclaves similar equipment.

100 m/Roll 

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